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But in today’s world, when the same product is sold by dozens of intermediaries (only so many if you’re lucky!), it’s hard to stand out on the market and offer something that others don’t offer. One of the distinguishing features of a brand on the Internet can be consumer opinions. Find out why it’s worth getting positive reviews and how it can affect SEO! Where can you get feedback? · Social media – opinions under posts on the brand’s SM.  Under posts, the more credible the brand is. Active users build a positive brand image and influence the PR of a brand that is close to people.  Opinions directly on the website – very valuable user generated content.

Product reviews can be our Unique

Google My Business listing – opinions confirming the correct operation of the company, as well as positively influencing local positioning. · Websites collecting opinions, such as Ceneo, Opineo, but also sales catalogs, such as Allegro or OLX. · Industry platforms (e.g. Booking, TripAdvisor). Why is it worth obtaining opinions about a product? Selling Proposition , i.e. a unique selling proposition that distinguishes the store from competitors on the market. Even if the Dominican Republic Mobile Number List competition has a similar, similar or even the same offer, opinions can help both in sales and positioning. Why is it worth getting opinions? . Online reviews increase brand trust.

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If the user sees that a given store has positive opinions, it may be a decisive element. Data  searchengine watch /how-a-customer-reviews-strategy-can-impact-seo  shows that percent of consumers read reviews before buying, and percent will make decisions only after getting acquainted with a positive opinion. . Opinions on the website of the positioned website support SEO, because they are the so-called. user generated content.  of the brand, and at the same time it is free content about the product or service. Usually, the reviewer uses the product name, which additionally affects positioning. Sometimes online store owners wonder – what can I Bulk Lead write about a product to write a description for.

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