The subject should encourage opening

The subject should encourage opening

What should you pay attention to? . Subject– is the main factor influencing the opening of mailings. Research shows that the shorter the topic, the better. Due to the fact that more and more users open e-mails on their phones, the number of characters should be adjust so that the topics on both desktop and mobile are properly visible. Currently, the most recommend is characters or words . The maximum number of characters a topic should contain is according to marketo research. Sticking to the topic that is includ in the mailing.

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A good method to attract attention is personalization , giving, for example, the user’s name or, bas on archival visits or search terms, include content that a given user was interest in.Users like to feel distinguish! How to increase conversion from mailings Another way to stand out among other messages that are in your customers’ inbox is to use special characters or emoticons . Most marketing automation tools have a built-in database of emoticons that you can add to the theme.  Many special characters may increase the likelihood of your message ending up in spam. It is recommend to place special characters at the beginning or end of the topic , in case the character is Ivory Coast Phone Number List not load, it will not spoil the aesthetics of the topic.

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How to increase conversion from mailings  Sender– another important element that should not be overlook. You can leave one name of the mailing account and use it to send permanent mailings or, as it is done by e.g. Mango, depending on the content of the mailing, change the name of the sender. How to increase conversion from mailings . Preheader – this is the first sentence that appears in mailboxes, it is display right after the subject. It completes the Bulk Lead theme.  Devices is constantly increasing, which is why the preheader is becoming more and more important.

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