Retail reporting When using the report, keep your branding, schuling, targeting, and different bidding strategies in mind. More information can be found in Google Support. Update of product specifications in Google Merchant Center If you run e-commerce, be sure to familiarize yourself with the changes that are already in force and prepare for those that will come into force from September . In the Google Merchant Center support you will find all the information you ne. Semahead CSS What’s New in Smart Campaigns Create Smart campaigns from the Google Ads mobile app.  On Google Maps for users with active Smart campaigns that are associat with a Google My Business profile – free option available until September.

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smart campaigns storage. googleapissupport-kms-prod SyU llXihptu a rnapgU EOjK UurpLt The ability to check the effectiveness of your ads directly on Google. smart campaigns Keyword topics – allows you to show your ads to potential customers whose searches are relat to a given topic. We also have the ability to modify or delete topic data to have more control over campaigns. smart campaigns More details about the news in Support. Finally, I refer you to a basic but useful guide for companies to help advertisers optimize their campaigns in the age of Indonesia Phone Number List COVID. Basic information. Collect in a very accessible and transparent. Way can be found here. contact Comments add comment Your e-mail address will not be publish.

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