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Brand anchor is not only safe, because it is not treat as spam, but also improves the visibility of the entire site, increasing the Domain Authority index. Example: Contact the Semahead Sales  to your nes! Generic anchor texts Generic text is not relat to the content of the link page. It is often a call to action (CTA) and is deriv from the context of the sentence. Example: Read more about dofollow and nofollow links here . anchor URL Also call nak anchor. It’s just a clean URL, past as a clickable link, not under the anchor text.

In the link building strategy

Such links do not look very aesthetic in the text, but they are positively treat by Google. Example: Also check our article on  semahead. agencyblogseoprzekierowanie- -what-is-how-to-execute-when-use Anchor exact match These are precisely match anchors, containing the key phrase , for the position of which we are fighting for in the search engine.  Exact matches are very important. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the anchor with the exact match Luxembourg Phone Number List phrase directs to the subpage relat to it. Example: Learn what hreflang is. Should be us wisely, so that Google does not penalize us for spamming. Partial match anchor Anchor partial match is otherwise partially match anchor text.

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Importantly Exact match anchors

In this case, we do not use the keyword in its exact wording, but, for example, in a variant. We can also use synonyms or semantically similar phrases. Example: What is the importance of hreflang in SEO ? Phrase match anchor text In this case, long tail phrases are us to create the anchor text , which are often queries enter by users into the search engine. It is worth including this solution in your link building strategy. Example: Learn how to check the number Bulk Lead of keyword searches . graphics In the case of graphics, the anchor can be plac in the ALT attribute. Google reads it as anchor text, treating it as an anchor.

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