SEO Power from the original page

SEO Power from the original page

For example, when the name of the company has been chang, or when the concept of addressing is completely chang. In such a situation, a rirect allows you to transfer all  to the new one. For some time after making such a mejorative change, Google robots may still crawl the original URLs, and users will end up on a broken page. Performing rirects allows you to solve this problem and index only the target page. . Typos in addresses If you make a mistake when creating new subpages or linking – these may be, for example, typos.

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Then, to make the website look more professional than with typos in addresses, you can rirect the address with an error to one without a typo. This is a rather aesthetic issue that does not affect SEO in any way. How to check if a page has rirects? Some of them are free and do not require login. An example is:, where you just ne to enter the URL to check what response code it returns and if it rirects – where: Another free tool is: Plugins for Google Chrome are also a free option, Link Rirect Trace, which shows the response Macedonia Phone Number List code, indexability of a given subpage and possible canonical impos on the subpage: Rirects can also be check in the basic SEO tool: Screaming Frog.

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Use to check for rirects on a page

Let’s talk about the possibilities of your business! Do you want to take advantage of our offer or ask a question? Contact us!  Mandatory fields Name your e-mail Telephone What interests you? company name Detail information on the processing of personal data can be found here. How to do a rirect:. Modifying the .htaccess file Typically, this file can be found in the root directory of the server. However, if there is a problem in finding it, it may be hidden or you Bulk Lead will have to create it from scratch in a text itor, in notepad or Notepad. If the CMS we work on is WordPress, then.

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