Expecting that execution should strictly follow a plan strategic execution is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring. Adaptation. And adjustment in order to be effective. The plans are there for a reason. But it is often the case that conditions change and the organization nees an agile approach to accommodate these changes. 4. Thinking that strategy implementation is just about execution strategy implementation requires the participation and engagement of all employees. From the front line to the c-suite. The managers and supervisors who drive implementation should be the ones with the most input due to their natural link to strategy formulators at the top and the actual executors spread out across the organization.

From the front line to the c-suite

 Thinking of implementation as a linear process strategy implementation is not a linear process. It often contains loops and iterations. And may require multiple rounds of testing and experimentation. 6. Thinking of implementation as operational only strategy implementation is not only operational. It also has a strategic and cultural dimension. A change in mindset and culture may be require. Especially those mentione here that act as an obstacle to implementation. Why choose dmi? 7. Expecting the outcome will be guarantee as long as the strategy is sound even with a solid strategy. It is not guarantee to be successful and other factors such as the execution and the external environment can affect the outcome

Assuming a share vision without a clear understanding

Assuming a share vision without a clear understanding of what the organization hopes to achieve and how it plans to achieve it. It is difficult for employees to make informe decisions about how to procee. Remember. Communicating a strategy does not necessarily mean that it has been understood. Find out how to ‘be a communication powerhouse’ for tips in this area. 9. Equating communication with alignment simply communicating a strategy to all stakeholders is not enough. A strategy nees to be aligne across departments. Levels. And business units for effective and successful implementation.