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The power will then spill over all the link pages, so the more important pages will not have a correspondingly larger portion of link juice. So what is the optimal number of internal links on a page? There is no single, pretermin value, so it is worth testing which solutions work in a given industry. For this purpose, we recommend analyzing the competition again. What actions the larger players on the market take and what is effective. After that, what SEOs like the most is the implementation of various solutions and the analysis of test results.

Tests conduct by SEO specialists

There is also a rule call First Link Counts, according to which for Google in the event of placing more than one of the same link on a given subpage, only the first one is to be taken into account.  Have shown that this is not necessarily always the case, which is why there are various opinions about the actual operation of FLC and whether it is worth duplicating links on the same subpage. The closest to the truth seems to be the opinion that First Link Counts is not so much Argentina Phone Number List a  rigid rule as a certain assumption that is intend to prevent users from adding an excessive number of links in orr to strengthen internal linking.

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On the example of an online store

Logical category structure – URL pth The issue of URL pth, i.e. the pth of nesting of individual addresses, was discuss a bit earlier. However, it is worth emphasizing that the correct website architecture has a positive impact on internal linking. In addition to remembering not to leave orphan pages on the server and not to put addresses too ep in the structure of the site, it is important to remember to properly manage the hierarchy in the site. The most popular mol is bas on silos.  It looks like this: Of course, this is only an illustrative mol and building websites and Bulk Lead organizing internal linking is a much more complicat topic.

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