The use of pagination has many advantages, but in the context of internal linking, it is worth paying attention to how it is organiz. In this process, the question naturally arises as to what solutions are effective.  Or maybe only to the previous, next and extreme? How many pages of pagination should the elements contain in them be divid into? SEO in each industry works a little differently, so the best solution is to analyze the competition combin with tests. Without tail guilines that would work in all conditions, you have to draw on empirical knowlge and experiment with different solutions.

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However, it is finitely worth adopting the perspective of the user and the robot when planning to organize pagination. Subpages that change frequently should be easily accessible, which means that for placing a link to them on the seventieth page of pagination without the possibility of a smooth transition to it, we can pay with visits by robots and, consequently, users.  Pagination – Proven Methods , in which this topic is discuss in tail. XML and graphical sitemap The sitemap is the basis for working with larger websites. According to Google’s guilines, owners of sites with more Algeria Phone Number List than , subpages should take care of a sitemap in XML format. Of course, for ease of navigation, you can also create a sitemap for smaller sites.

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Appropriate and inappropriate anchors

The links that will be includ in it should lead to pages returning the co. A list prepar in this way can significantly help in inxing the site, which is why it is an important element of internal linking. You can read more about sitemaps on our blog, in the article  How to create a sitemap.  Proper naming of links also has its justification and can bring real benefits. While the importance of anchors in Google’s rankings dropp almost a ca ago with the Penguin update, it’s still Bulk Lead worth taking a moment to consir how we mark up links on your site.