Can Be shared on Sound

Can Be shared on Sound

Online analytical processing, or OLAP, is a technical term used to describe technology used in many BI tools and applications. This makes it possible to complete difficult analytical calculations.

 trends, completes complex calculations (summary, count, average, min, max), and uses advanced data modeling in a BI system. In addition, the main goal is to speed up the calculation of reports and reduce the time it takes to answer questions.

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You can think of OLTP systems as a large collection of insert, remove, and update small data transactions. These telephone list databases are functional and can handle a query quickly.

The consistency and integrity of the data is also under its control. It also acts as a way to measure how efficient an OLTP system is by the number of transactions it processes per second.

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A fact table in data storage consists of numeric values ​​and keys of a business process dimension. Quantitative data used for analysis is presented in a fact table.

Compared to fact tables, which are quantitative dictionary tables, dimension tables contain details about the different ways in which the information i Bulk Lead n the fact table can be looked up.

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