The finished product

The finished product

Decision makers use data processing and analysis from a data warehouse to make tactical and strategic jIt is a specialized database that is kept separate from an operational database and is responsible for storing information records.

n monitor current business trends by analyzing data stored in the warehouse.In addition, it is responsible for compiling historical data analysis.

Company analysts ca

Data normalization is the process of organizing and structurin phone leads  data so that all records and fields look consistent. Data standardization has many benefits.

mple, helps maintain referential integrity and remove duplicate data. Additionally, because they are already familiar with the way the business organizes its data, analysts can quickly browse across multiple databases.

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It is possible to think of aggregates as a type of data found in the aggregate table. Various aggregate functions are applied in the calculation of these aggregates.

These Bulk Lead include the highest and lowest values ​​as well as the average count and other values.


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