Canonical markup is something of an “active regret” in SEO – I duplicat, my fault, my fault, my very big fault. In this way, it tells Google not to index the copy, and to keep only the original in the index. Link Building Of course, the positioning process, in addition to technical and content SEO, also includes link building . Link  External links to a position website, if the Semahead website is link to the website nowymar keting. pl, then the Semahead website uses the authority of the Nowy Marketing website, drawing on the power of the Nowy Marketing website.

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The number and quality of links translates into domain authority. The strategy for each store in a multistore should include acquiring external links – this cannot be omitt for any website that wants to conduct effective SEO activities. Multistore: summary  But also some disadvantages. If we do not run extremely different activities on the Internet, it is not worth splitting up into numerous domains, but keep and keep the power of the domain within one Malta Mobile Number List page. Thanks to this, all activities and all power can be kept in one store – by power is meant not only the power of the site, but also resources: both human and financial.

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Conducting  link building for several domains is an expensive game. Therefore, if there are no clear advantages of multistore, it is worth thinking about expanding the website within one and the same domain. Two topic questions! START THE QUIZ contact Comments add comment Your e-mail address will not be publish. Name Email Carolina Baran SEO Specialist Since , he has been helping Semahead’s clients to gain top positions in search engines.karolina/ entries SEE ALL ENTRIES PREVIOUS ENTRY What will be the biggest social mia trends in ? What will be the biggest social mia trends in ? social mia  Anna Nogalska Social mia is Bulk Lead changing almost constantly.