The product base will be in one common

In addition, it is different to sell to B B and completely different to B C – not only in terms of a different persona, but also in terms of payments Centralization of management A huge benefit is that stores can be manag from one common place. Place and the preview of the stock will also be visible from one place for all e-shops. If something is sold in one e-shop, the stock level in the other will also decrease. New markets Multistore allows you to implement your store on foreign markets. This is not the only way you can do it.

Instead of investing in one direction

When entering new markets, first find out what hreflang is ! Disadvantages of multistore This is not so unambiguously positive – everything has its drawbacks. The first thing that comes to mind in the case of multistore is changing into small ones. We divide the cake into several (?) elements and invest in each. This may have advantages, but it may also have Macedonia Mobile Number List disadvantages. It is worth considering whether it really pays off, so that, for example, instead of working on the awareness of one brand, we will work on several.

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This is not always a bad thing

Multistore and SEO What was written above also applies to SEO. SEO for one domain costs less than SEO for several domains. In addition, brands in a multistore, if they are from a similar industry, will compete with each other internally and take away each other’s traffic – you ne to be aware of this and accept that we will partially chase our own tail.¬† It all depends on how the multistore will be implement. But how to implement multistore to achieve your business goals, and at the same time, so that SEO does not suffer? Product descriptions Each product that we Bulk Lead want to be visible on Google should have a unique description – different for each store.

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