Advertising channels in comparison. Cinema vs television the relationship between audience . And message varies according to the context and the means of transmission. See how the big and the small screen affect the effectiveness of advertising. Does cinema advertising work better or that on television? If you are evaluating how and where to promote your product/service. Or simply want to compare the potential of the big and the small screen. You need to be clear about the main features of these two communication channels. Both cinema and television broadcast messages for images. Aimed at more or less wide audiences. Both have more than a century of history and continue to play a key role in the representation of reality.

A Brief History of Cinema and Television

Cinema and television have chang over time, Latest Database  reflecting and influencing the ever-changing society. Download the calendar imageimage a brief history of cinema . And television before analyzing the ways of using cinema and television. To understand the differences between advertising on the big . And the small screen, we briefly see their story through the decades. Let’s try to understand what has chang compar to the beginnings. The cinema yesterday and today the cinema was born on december 28, 1895. On that date the now famous lumière brothers activat a device of their own invention. The cinématographe, and for the first time they project a silent film in front of a paying audience, in a cafe in paris. 

The cinema yesterday and today

A few years later, in 1927, warner launch the first black Bulk Lead and white sound film; then the 1930sanni ‘30. Consider the golden years of cinema, saw the establish color films. From neorealism in italy, in the post-war period, to cinema as pure entertainment.  In the anni ‘7070s: the seventh art has.  Gradually establish its headquarters overseas, in hollywood. Pellicola cinema in bianco e nero today, cinema is entirely digital. Although in some ways it competes with on-demand television . And streaming content platforms – for example netflix.  Continues to attract people of all ages and represent.  An opportunity for recreation and sharing. Cinema cinemais still a great alternative for leisure time.