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I interviewed some of the e-book readers and wrote an anonymous story about them on my blog. Score What kind of results did the marketing measures bring? Here’s one screenshot with multiple months of sales compiled: From March 2016 tiiakonttinen.fi blog Over time, there were more marketing measures, such as this blog. beginning that are related to finances and e-book sales. I have updated some of those posts and added links or pictures to the e-book sales page. However, I have deleted most of the posts related to the economy, because blogging and teaching blogging would have created such a big conflict that it would have taken much longer to build credibility and trust.

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As I have said in other posts, I remind you once again: You should define the topic of the blog precisely special data and focus on that topic for a long enough time. It builds expertise, brand, credibility and trust. And they, combined with marketing and sales, eventually bring euros to the company’s (or blogger’s) account. Now you know how to market and sell your first digital product. It was nice to write such an overview of the early days of entrepreneurship. What thoughts did you get from this post? Feel free to comment below, let’s talk more! Psst… Pin this post to Pinterest The marketing and sales of the first digital product went like this This is how you can display WordPress article images in the Blogit.fi service [Updated] For understanding technology | 0 Comments | Tiia Konttinen In this post,  instructions on how to make WordPress article images appear in the Blogit.fi service.

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Post updated on 1 October 2023. The images do not appear automatically, but require one plugin to be downloaded to WordPress. Here are screenshot BT Leads  instructions on how to do it. This is how you can get WordPress article images to appear in the Blogit.fi service First, let’s add a new add-on. So click “Add-on” and then “Add new”. After that, type “Feedzy” in the “Search” field. The search function will start working immediately and find that add-on for you. Click the add-on’s “Install Now” button and when the installation is complete, click the “Activate” button. After that, you get the first steps, but you can skip these. Instead, click on the “Go to dashboard” link in the upper right corner of the page (not shown in the image below) After that, look for Feedzy in the link list on the left and click on the “Feed Categories” link below it. 

With a mini handbag of significant value

Regarding email marketing. I unfortunately no longer remember how many emails. I sent during the campaign or what I wrote in them. The first email I found in Active Campaign’s cache is dated August 10, 2016. Facebook ads In the first 4 months. I was doing effective Facebook advertising until February 2016 when. Facebook made its famous algorithm changes. Until ads worked, this was a productive way to make sales. At my best, I sold up to 7 e-books per day (7 x €29 = €203 daily sales).

I directed people to the sales

I wondered in our coaching Facebook group some time ago, whether I would be a blog coach now if the ads had worked latest database just as well after February… Marketing and sales of my first digital product Podcast During the launch, podcast, the recording of which is unfortunately no longer available to listen to. small children and how you can easily get started with your own finances. You might also like: 6 Digital Products You Can Make in a Week The launch team In addition to implementing all these marketing measures, I had a small but hardworking launch team.

I was also interviewed for one

The purpose of the launch team was to tell and comment on publications related to the book on social media. These people had also received the e-book BT Leads  to read in advance and had given me feedback about it, which I could use in the marketing of the book. The members of the launch team were also partners, i.e. they got their own affiliate link. When sales came through them, I paid them a small monetary commission for the results. At this point, unfortunately, I no longer remember what the ratio was between my own and my partners’ sales at that time. Feedback and testimonials feedback and results as marketing support.  

A leather sling bag from a luxury brand value

In practice, a blog and a home page do not differ from each other in any way.  and if you don’t add a blog there, it’s just a homepage. But if you add a blog, you can talk either blog or home page with the term. 6. What kinds of blogs are there? In theory, you can have blogs and write about any topic. The important thing is that the topic interests you as a writer and is in demand, meaning that readers are also interested in it. If there are 100 people in Finland who are interested in the topic, you will surely get them interested, but it is difficult to get income from a blog like this.

You can make a homepage

 So try to find a topic that has more demand and then narrow down the topic precisely new database so that you stand out enough from other blogs . If you need ideas on what kind of blog you can start, download 101 blog topics (pdf) here . 7. Why write a blog?  for writing a blog, i.e. blogging. It can be a way to break down a challenging life situation, act as a peer support for others, teach, act as a way to share information, or if it is a private person, a blog can be a channel through which the blogger makes money with commercial collaborations and UGC (User Generated Content ) .

There are several different reasons

 For companies, a blog is part of marketing, sales tunnels and customer acquisition. ask yourself is “Why would I write a blog?”. The worst answer is “Because I  BT Leads want money”. Blogging is a marathon and you should commit to it for several years in order to get the most out of it. You should have a topic that you can talk and write about all the time. I often ask my students “Would you write about this topic if you weren’t paid a penny for it, or on the other hand, would you write about this topic if you were paid 100,000 euros per month?” If you answer yes to both questions, then you are on the right topic. In the beginning, the income will be less, but over time you will increase the income.  

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In 1997, Jorn Barger invented the term “weblog”, which he used to refer to “logging the web”. In 1999, “weblog” was shortened to “blog” by Peter Merholz. In the early days of blogs, the content was very personal, even a diary-like stream of thoughts. I was able to publish my own thoughts and people will be happy to read them. Even today, blogs are considered online diaries, but blogs have also developed a lot into commercial, marketing cornerstones and even a place to maintain work samples. 2. Blog and post, what’s the difference? So a blog is a website or one part of a homepage.  published on a blog. I always laugh when I read on social media that “I published a new blog!”, because I wonder how many separate blogs or websites this person might have…

A post is a single piece of text

The blog has its own unique domain, for example, my blog can be found at https :// tiiakonttinen . fi / blog . The posts do not officially have their own unique domain, but are a continuation of the official domain. For example, the web address of this post is https :// tiiakonttinen . fi / mika – on – blog If I were to type only “mika-on-blogi” into the browser, I wouldn’t be able to get to this post. The address structure of the posts is an important part of the functionality of the blog. Each new data word in the address must be separated by a hyphen. If the words are written together, it is difficult for search engines to understand what the post is about. lot. In the old days, it was said that posts should be short texts containing no more than 300 words.

The length of the posts varies a

However, studies show that longer blog BT Leads texts (1200+ words) get more reads and shares on social media than short ones. Long blog posts also have the opportunity to convince people more and lower the purchase decision. My longest blog post is over 5000 words long and is read regularly. 3. What is the difference between a page and a blog post? It is possible to make separate pages and blog posts for blogs. These are not the same thing. Individual pages such as About, Contact or Start here are a bit heavier than a single blog post. 

For the webinar you can get a separate

I think of them as mentors, coaches and partners. I think of them as a source of inspiration. I think of them as a motivator for me, because if they have been able to do something, so can I. Think about this for a moment: I live in a town of 6500 people I am a single parent I’m lying on the bed and typing on my laptop Sometimes I talk to clients on the phone or Skype Sometimes I meet them face to face I chat with students via Facebook live I am still remembered as the founder of the Unelma Onnellištä blog and community If I had said to myself, “I can’t do this because someone else is already doing the same thing,” would right now? A business or a blog cannot succeed without one thing. You.

I be writing this post to you

 So what? I’m actually very glad I’m not the only one because otherwise I wouldn’t have anyone to learn new special data things from. Also check out this: 3 easy steps to start blogging I don’t think of other bloggers, entrepreneurs and coaches as my competition. You are the driving force behind your blog or business. That’s why blogging is so important, because you can use it to build a strong personal brand. With your blog, you can help others and leave a meaningful footprint in this world.
shared… like HBO’s theme songs 180 SHARES Facebook 179 Twitter Pinterest 1 LinkedIn TOP 3 reasons why you haven’t started blogging yet and how to get rid of these excuses once and for all. I know this sounds selfish. But every time I see a great (upcoming or aspiring) blogger rambling on about starting a blog, I want to scream.

To start blogging This can also be

 I know it is none of my business whether someone starts blogging or not. But when a person with interesting ideas, passion and expertise in their field does not use it to help others, it frustrates me to listen to those old excuses: however, no one listens to me however, no one cares I can’t write I have nothing interesting and new to say someone else has already said everything I want to say… You  Bulk Lead know, if everyone thought like this, not a single blog and post would be published. Blogging doesn’t only change your life (if the blog is set up correctly), it also changes the lives of others for the better. I have witnessed dozens of creative people pursue their own dreams.

Helps bots notice which pages

Demystifies blogging and helps anyone who wants to start blogging. 2. with free material. Even if you read all 160 published blog posts, you will still only get a fraction of the information you really need. If you want to be successful as a blogger, you must be ready to spend money on yourself and the development of your blog. But of course the intention is not that you lose money and you don’t get it. I want to say at this point that every one of my online trainings has instructions on how to get an income. So you don’t have to spend hundreds of euros on courses before you can benefit from the results yourself. , for example, with a free course and with the help of its instructions you earn €150, from which you can invest €50 in the next course.

The best thing is when you start

With the help of the course, you already earn €300, from which you can again invest €100 in the next course. And  latest database so on. I paid €997 per month + VAT 24%, did I start to get results. I tried to become a professional blogger without spending money. In the course of 3 years, I have spent more than €15,000 on various trainings and coaches. And I’ve gotten that back 10x. Read also: How to start a blog for free? 3. Lack of self-esteem I have come to the conclusion that a lack of self-esteem is actually a lack of money. Honestly, many bloggers have money to develop and educate themselves, but they are afraid to spend money. They fear that the money will be wasted and then the parents or spouse will be angry.  they are not good enough to become a successful blogger .

They are afraid of failure and that

 But I want to tell you that success is not something that just anyone has. It is something that anyone can achieve as long as they are willing to work for it. When you walk the path towards your own dream, you meet new people, customers recommend you, your posts are shared and information about you expands into people’s consciousness. No one else can be you. You are a wonderful person with unique thoughts and opinions. You have information that I don’t. And that’s why readers should listen to you. “But when so many others are already doing this…” Believe it or not, I’m not the only blogger in Finland. I’m not the only blogging coach in the world. I’m not the only  Bulk Lead entrepreneur. I’m not the only entrepreneur who blogs. There will always be others in the world doing the same thing as you.

The online course material can be opened

The more people who come back, the better for SEO TOP 3 reasons why you haven’t started blogging yet | And how do you get rid of these excuses once and for all To start blogging | 2 Comments | Tiia Konttinen This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 180 SHARES Facebook 179 Twitter Pinterest 1 LinkedIn TOP 3 reasons why you haven’t started blogging yet and how to get rid of these excuses once and for all. I know this sounds selfish. But every time I see a great (upcoming or aspiring) blogger rambling on about starting a blog, I want to scream. I know it is none of my business whether someone starts blogging or not.  people pursue their own dreams. Yes, it takes patience, time and work. Yes, there will be obstacles and setbacks.

I have witnessed dozens of creative

Yes, it is possible for you to succeed as long as you don’t just give up. these have never said that they regret their decision to pursue new data their own dream. TOP 3 reasons why you haven’t started blogging yet  dream, even though they were scared. mistakes. They moved on, even though others said that “that’s a crazy thing to do, you should stop and go to real work”. Yes, it’s scary. To be open in front of all people, to write your thoughts out and see what others think about it. But you know what’s even scarier? Regret the things you wanted to do when you still had the chance. In this post, I will tell you the TOP 3 reasons why you haven’t started blogging yet, as well as clear step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of them once and for all. 1. Lack of clarity It’s challenging to start something new that you don’t yet have a clear overall idea of.

These people walked towards their own

 It’s always easier for me to see the whole first and then break it down into smaller parts. But this is not always possible. We just have to get used to the fact that the path we are walking opens up one step at a time. We can never see the whole journey at once, even if we wanted to. We just have to trust that the path will always lead us towards the dream. I get a lot of feedback from this blog. They write to me how great content is available on the blog, how based on the instructions you can actually achieve results and how simple it was to add an Instagram  Bulk Lead feed to the blog after just following the instructions. AND that has been the purpose of this blog from the beginning.

When you click on one tag in the blog you

In the same session, a unique visitor has been able to read 3 posts, which is why this number is always the largest Pages / session = average number of how many pages / posts a unique visitor has visited during one session.  better in terms of search engine optimization Some = Social Media as a whole; in addition to the blog, all social media channels where the blogger spends time, publishes or shares his publications; the most famous Facebook = FB, Instagram = IG, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Snpachat Email automation = a series of emails written in advance and scheduled, the length of which varies as needed.

The higher the number, the

Automation can be used, for example, to deliver short new database course material Social platform / social channel = Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn T Title = site name or title Tag (keyword, tag) = tag allows you to search all posts associated with . For example, the tag can be baking, raw baking, mother’s day cake recipe. with the same tag attached. The purpose of the tags is to “split” the category into more specific parts (e.g. The category is baking, tags can be raw baking, buns, cakes, muffins) V Online course = teaching material containing text, videos and/or audio that can be studied anywhere, at any time and on any device (computer, phone, tablet).

That keyword on that blog

Online courses are typically self-study. to the student either all at once or one part / module / week at a time. Online course platform = place where learning material is placed, for example Teachable, Campwire, Udemy. The online course can also be made in connection with your  Bulk Lead own blog/website with separate add-ons. Immediate exit in percentage = how many visitors to the blog have left after one post. The lower the number, the better for SEO. The average bounce rate for blogs is over 80%. If you get 70% pat yourself on the back W Webinar = online seminar, a virtual lesson conducted online, participation in which can be free or paid. Typically, webinars are 60 to 90 minutes long. program (WebinarJam, GoToWebinar, Zoom) or implement it, for example, in a Facebook group using Facebook Live. X XLM sitemap = the route that Google’s bots take. new session = how many visitors to the blog have come for the first time vs. how many have returned several times.

10 rules for writing effective Facebook and Instagram posts

10 rules for writing effective facebook . And instagram posts is there a precise technique, to follow to the letter.  To create social posts capable of involving and leaving their mark? One no, but ten suggestions yes. The dream of all companies (and social mia managers) that are promot on facebook and instagram? Publish the perfect, original and creative post.  At the right point, characteriz by a balanc mix of text and images. The ideal post must immiately arouse the “wow” reaction in users.  Stimulate comments and trigger word of mouth until it goes viral. One in a thousand he makes it. One in a thousand manages to advertise on the most us social platforms. 

From Advertising to Social Media

It would be a great thing for your business! Special Data Let’s understand together how you can try to achieve the goal. Chicco meomartini, senior copywriter of , gave us some tips during his lesson . It’s a pleasure to share his suggestions here, with you. Download the instagram guide imageimage from . Advertising to social mia meomartini’s advice – as well as his training.  Has well-plant roots in traditional advertising. To communicate well on social mia, in fact, it can be useful to know the basics of classic advertising.  And in particular the mechanisms of invention of a press campaign. We do not want to go into too much detail.  Inde for our purpose it will be enough to explain to you the differences .  And the relationship – between the “old” (it’s about to say eh!) headline, and bodycopy.

Writing engaging posts on Facebook and Instagram

The headline is the title of a print advertisement. Bulk Lead  The most important and most prominent text, perhaps the only one in the entire campaign to be read. It’s the heart of advertising. It can be form by one or more words, but also by a sentence of complete meaning. The headline must be simple, clear and incisive. It harmonizes with the visual to complete the message of the advertisement. Post efficaci diesel be stupid what are the main functions of a headline? Communicate something, entertaining the reader, making sure that.  The brand stands out from the competition.  Sell and more generally make people do something. Visual and I’ the visual is the visual apparatus of the advertisement. Together with the headline, it communicates a precise meaning.  In this sense it is the complementary.  Element to the headline in the transmission of the promotional message. 

Advertising channels in comparison: cinema vs television

Advertising channels in comparison. Cinema vs television the relationship between audience . And message varies according to the context and the means of transmission. See how the big and the small screen affect the effectiveness of advertising. Does cinema advertising work better or that on television? If you are evaluating how and where to promote your product/service. Or simply want to compare the potential of the big and the small screen. You need to be clear about the main features of these two communication channels. Both cinema and television broadcast messages for images. Aimed at more or less wide audiences. Both have more than a century of history and continue to play a key role in the representation of reality.

A Brief History of Cinema and Television

Cinema and television have chang over time, Latest Database  reflecting and influencing the ever-changing society. Download the calendar imageimage a brief history of cinema . And television before analyzing the ways of using cinema and television. To understand the differences between advertising on the big . And the small screen, we briefly see their story through the decades. Let’s try to understand what has chang compar to the beginnings. The cinema yesterday and today the cinema was born on december 28, 1895. On that date the now famous lumière brothers activat a device of their own invention. The cinématographe, and for the first time they project a silent film in front of a paying audience, in a cafe in paris. 

The cinema yesterday and today

A few years later, in 1927, warner launch the first black Bulk Lead and white sound film; then the 1930sanni ‘30. Consider the golden years of cinema, saw the establish color films. From neorealism in italy, in the post-war period, to cinema as pure entertainment.  In the anni ‘7070s: the seventh art has.  Gradually establish its headquarters overseas, in hollywood. Pellicola cinema in bianco e nero today, cinema is entirely digital. Although in some ways it competes with on-demand television . And streaming content platforms – for example netflix.  Continues to attract people of all ages and represent.  An opportunity for recreation and sharing. Cinema cinemais still a great alternative for leisure time.

Brand reputation: what it is and how to improve it

Brand reputation: what it is and how to improve it. The consideration that people have of your brand is an important leverage. Conquer the trust of your future customers by working on the company’s reputation. It happens to all of us. In the face of a purchase we evaluate the brand and weigh . Its quality and reliability, reading as many opinions as possible online. Without realizing it. We are basing our decision on the brand reputation of the company in question. But basically, what are we considering? What it is, because it is important, how to build it and how to improve it. Let’s see in detail the brand reputation. What is brand reputation? By opening any marketing glossary, we read that “brand reputation is the consideration. That a company, or a brand, enjoys over users.”

What is brand reputation?

The definition is given, but basically what is it? New Database In a nutshell, brand reputation represents the way you propose to the public.  That is, it highlights all those elements that make your company . Or even your product – unique and distinct from the others. Be careful, though: this means above all conveying your identity.  What you really are in reality and especially in your work. Before the widespread spread of the web and social networks.  Companies ne to shape their brand image, that is, the way they were perceiv by the public.  Without there being an actual correspondence with their brand identity. I want to develop my brand imageimage things have chang today. Brand reputation is a collective, two-way process, characteriz by means of communication.  That quickly reveal inconsistencies and users with a strong critical ability. 

Why is Brand Reputation Important?

The reputation of your brand is therefore not  Bulk Lead  a filter to be appli to change reality in positive.  But it must be realiz every day with good practices. In short, today, facts are counting for companies, more than words. Read also: brand identity: what it is and how it is defin brand reputation che cos’è . Why is brand reputation important? Just as in everyday life it is not possible to ignore the “good name”.  Also and above all on the web – where reactions expand uncontrollably, for better or for worse . This aspect represents a key step. You may already know, but we emphasize it anyway.  Having a good reputation involves a real increase in turnover.

What is it and how to increase corporate brand awareness?

What is it and how to increase corporate brand awareness? The biggest enemy of your company is not your direct competitor. But the lack of awareness of your brand’s existence. What is your company’s biggest competitor? You may think it’s a company that sells your own products or services, in your own geographic area. It’s only partly true. The biggest enemy of your business, and all companies on the market, is people’s indifference to the brand. In your case, your brand. The goal of every company is to enter the mind of the consumers. And make sure that, in the moment of ne, they remember the brand to which it belongs and not that of competitors.

What is brand awareness?

It is the pleasant memory of the brand. New Data And the emotion that people feel when they think about it . That later translates into sales and turnover. But how do you do it and, above all, how does brand awareness increase? Let’s find out together. What is brand awareness? Brand awareness, or brand awareness, is a parameter that indicates. How strong the presence of the brand is in the consumer’s mind, when it begins its path of buying a good or a service. When you buy a smartphone, which brands do you think of? Probably to the most important brands in the industry: apple, samsung, huawei, xiaomi.

Why is brand awareness important?

These brands did not enter your mind by chance. Bulk Lead  On the contrary they have put to use brand awareness.  Strategies who l them to be immiately recogniz by people for their values.  And the quality of their products. Brand awareness arises when you create a strong link between.  Your brand and consumers. When consumers understand that your values are in line with theirs.  When they are impress by your communication message.  Your vision and mission – they are automatically more likely to turn . To you for their purchases. I want to develop my brand imageimage brand awareness . Come si fa why is brand awareness important?