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It is worth including web push notifications in these activities, as it was done, among others, by DeeZee. web push. Source: deezee.pl . Win-back campaigns Did you know that every year, on average, % of your contact database becomes inactive andor outdat? If you do not use web push notifications as one of the stages of your win-back campaign yet, or worse, you do not carry out such activities at all, you should start right away.  See how ALLANI or SHOWROOM do it. Web pushes will also work as “reminders” before Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Women’s Day. This is a good opportunity to bring long-unseen customers back to your store. rich push.

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Source allani pl web push Source showroom pl  Web push notifications are not only a sales tool for promoting bestsellers or announcing sales and news. It’s also an excellent news channel. By flooding your users with only commercial offers, you make them get bor quickly. In the worst case, they will block messages in the browser, which will result in not delivering China Phone Number List any notifications from your domain. If you run a blog, follow industry news or operate in B B, focus on content and remind about new articles using web pushes. rich push. Source: creativebloq web push.

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Source ellepl rich push Source whitebox pl. Facts, news and events of sending notifications in real-time and delivering them whenever. The browser is running, web pushes have become a great tool for news portals. As you know, the goal is to inform users about events from the country and the world as soon as possible, as well as to provide news ahead of the competition. rich push. Source: rmf. Services, B B, SaaS Are you releasing a new product, introducing a new service or organizing a webinar for your potential partners? Be sure to include Bulk Lead the sending of notifications in the promotion plan.

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