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What for? If only to finish the journey before dark. How will you determine whether a trip to the mountains is going according to the outlin plan? If you have previously determin that you should be at the top at : , and you see that you still have minutes of hiking left, you can judge that the trip is slightly delay. This means you will leave the mountains at : PM instead of : PM. How to catch up with the plan? You can spe up your journey, if your condition allows it.  Stops on a given route or change it if there is a shorter and more accessible one.

A Very practical method of formulating

Do you see what KPIs are for? Key Performance Indicators allow you to respond to situations encounter during the implementation of tasks that serve to achieve the main goal. With their help, during the mountain hike, we were able to assess whether we are implementing the plan and modify it when it turn out that achieving the goal is in jeopardy.  How to choose the right KPIs? The point is not to come up with as many indicators as possible. Metrics should be, above all, useful, which is relat to their well-thought-out selection.  objectives/indicators is to rely on the following principles: S – Specific – we ne to know what we want to achieve, specifically and Georgia Mobile Number List unambiguously, swim km freestyle. M – Measurable – it is necessary to be able to measure progress, put aside PLN to the end of the month.

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We help you achieve your goals

Attractive we must answer the question: why do we pursue this goal? What benefits will we get from it? R – Realistic – indicator/goal must be achievable. If I can’t swim, I won’t swim km next week. T – Timely – if we do not set a cut-off date, there will be no Bulk Lead motivation to achieve the goal. Pay attention to the name of the SMART method – clever, intelligent. And that is exactly what the indicator/target should be formulat.

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