What is the purpose of the article

What is the purpose of the article

Attractive title and SEO – is it worth paying attention to key phrases and when? Should there always be a key phrase in the title? Not necessarily. It’s always worth answering a few questions.  Is positioning support a primary or secondary goal? Where should the title be visible? On the company website, or maybe on Facebook? Channels differ from each other and it is often worth creating dicat headlines for them. Do you have an ia for a cool title that, although it does not have a key phrase, is able to engage and make people click.

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Remember that while the key phrase in the title has tremendous SEO power, there are also other places where it can appear in the text. What’s more, some key phrases are simply unattractive from the user’s point of view and it’s finitely better to let go of their use than to create artificial-sounding copywriter monsters. Priority goal in your content strategy, and the quality of the title and user will not suffer, try to inclu phrases and keywords. You can create a separate Henan Mobile Phone Numbers title for users and a separate one for robots, which will appear in the title tag. What is worth remembering? We inflect key phrases in accordance with the rules of Polish grammar.

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Try not to put keywords containing the same word in one title; synonyms, of course.  -characters  pixels. While in the past SEO specialists recommend that the keyword should be at the very beginning of the title, now the recommendations go towards prioritizing naturalness – even if this termines the further placement of “keywords”. When to come up with a title for the text? There are two schools of approach to title creation. The first suggests a logical orr of Bulk Lead writing. Let’s start from the beginning – so from the title.

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