Technology , which inclus data such as platform. Operating system version. vice category, vice brand or phone mol size. Acquisition , in which we will find the dimension of the campaign, mium or source through which the user was acquir. Create an audience from segments In the first step, we ne to choose what list we want to create. We will create a custom audience.  Applies to users, sessions or events. custom segment We chose the user segment. In the next part, we ne to complete the fields: group name and set the conditions on the basis of which we will distinguish users.

We Can use additional functions

One will want to buy anything on a site where they don’t understand anything. Therefore, if you want to conquer foreign markets, or thanks to tools you can see that you have a lot of sessions from abroad, it is worth investing in the development of foreign language versions of your website. Read the article. rirect: what is it, how to do it, when to use it? The Internet is an extremely dynamic space in which numerous changes take place, and their inseparable element are constant Kazakhstan Phone Number List transformations  conversions of URL addresses. For Google robots, the matter can be problematic – it happens to get confus and index the wrong address.

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We Can set the membership period

These options mean how the conditions we fine should classify users. In the right corner, we see the Create Audience function . After clicking, additional options will be display.   how long the user is to be includ in the group fin by us. membership period From this level, we can create the audience rule we mention above in the article. Creating a group from Configuration. Recipients In the left sibar of the GA interface. Go to the Configuration > Recipients tab . configuration – recipients. Then click the New Recipients button. The same window that we saw in the Bulk Lead configuration by segments will appear.