Access to the knowlge compendium is available at the link . According to the assumptions of the project, the gradual electronicization of registers. Collecting data on grant concessions, licenses, permits and registers of regulat activities is envisag. As you The uncertain can read in the justification, such. A solution will allow for quick access to information and automatic. Updating using the CEIDG Official Application. Electronicization will take place in several stages. The plann completion date is December. Moreover, it is emphasiz that the participation of licensing authorities in this project is voluntary.

Optimization of processes relat to

The CEIDG register and the Entrepreneur Information Point PIP According to the project. The catalog of documents that can be attach to the CEIDG- application will be expand. This includes o VAT-Z form – notification of cessation of activities subject. To tax on goods and services philippines photo editor VAT-Z . It is about the possibility of dealing with most matters relat to business activity in one place, which will ultimately be CEIDG. Clarifying the regulations As can be read in the justification, the clarification of the provisions is aim at eliminating procural doubts that arise in administrative proceings initiat by the minister responsible for economy.

Clarifying provisions In terms of the obligation

To have a legal title to real estate. It is propos that the provisions regarding having a legal title to addresses enter in CEIDG should also apply to the succession administrator. Extension of the possibility of not publishing data in CEIDG. It is propos to introduce the Bulk Lead possibility  of not publishing contact data, such as e-mail address and telephone number. Address data will also not be publish after the entrepreneur has been remov from the CEIDG register Extension of the conditions for correcting an entry by the minister responsible for economy. After the change, a provision will be introduc.