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This means that even a pageview is treat as an event. The advantage of this method of measurement is the possibility of including more information in one event than it was in the case of the previous model. We will talk more about this in point. GU vs GA measurement model . No data views, but Google Analytics did not recreate the data views we are us to from GA . Universal Analytics views allow you to, among other things: setting filters, content grouping, goals or channel grouping. A good practice in GA is to create at least views of the data: main, filter, test, containing all available data,  unfilter.

There Are advanc measurement events

Not infrequently, views were us to track websites in a different language version separately. Data view in GA . GA did not provide the ability to create data views . Instead, data streams are creat , where it is good practice to run separate and individual streams for: website, iOS apps android application. Note, however, that this is not a view replacement. Trying to recreate the views in GA , we suggest building dicat reports or groups of recipients. Data streams in GA . Automatic event tracking in Google Analytics , which was not the case in GA . What does it mean? Advanc Ivory Coast Phone Number List measurement is a built-in GA function that allows you to automatically track specific events without the ne for additional tagging or coding. Events cover by advanc measurement in GA.

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It Is possible to disable the tracking

Advanc measurement events include: page views, scrolls, outbound clicks, site search, interactions with the film (video engagement), file downloads.  Of the above-mention events, but by default, when the GA service is start, they are track and transferr to the tool. Event configuration In Universal Analytics, we can create events bas on elements, : event category, event action, Event Bulk Lead label, event value. Changes have taken place in GA that assume a more flexible approach.

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