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Impression share – this value shows what percentage of possible impressions your ads and your competitors’ ads appear on. Overlapping Auctions –  Of the same auctions you have enter simultaneously with your competition. Higher rank factor (search network) – this value will tell you how often your competitor was better or worse than you, i.e. in how many common auctions their ad appear higher (or lower) than yours in the results. Top-of-page rate (search network) – similarly to the higher position rate, it refers to how often your ads and those of your competitors were shown in the first places. Top impression rate (Search Network), in turn, compares impression share to the first position.

The basic summary of the report

Outranking share tells you how often your ad rank higher than another advertiser’s in an auction. In addition, you can modify each prefin report according to your nes by adding metrics available on the right: How to check your competition using Google Ads reports?  Allows us to determine, above all, which competitors are the most important for us, with which brands we want to compete, and in the long term, it allows us to analyze the effects of our activities. By Hong Kong Mobile Number Database adding additional data to it, we can compare, for example, the impact of our chosen strategy on auction analysis or compare.

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Do you ne an effective advertising

The quality score of the keywords us with their effectiveness (auctions won) and thus eliminate unnecessary costs. Programmatic The Reports tab is a great starting point for analyzing your activities and expanding your knowlge. I recommend basing your analyzes on it and creating your own personaliz reports to be able to quickly and effectively eliminate errors and reach the recipients you are interest in more precisely. Campaign on Google Report to us! contact Bulk Lead Comments add comment Your e-mail address will not be publish.

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