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The first steps in setting up a campaign Let’s move on to the key issues of the Performance Max campaign, which will be useful to us at the creation stage. The first thing in this case is to create or add well-appli and working conversions.  Because it is under this account that the campaign will be optimiz and its results will depend on it. As I have already mention, this is a step forward for Google in terms of increasing the automation of advertising activities. The Performance Max campaign is not only a reach campaign, but it can also work as part of a product campaign.

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Well, if we have e-commerce, we can connect a previously functioning Google Merchant Center account to a given campaign, along with the upload product fe of a given store.  We are us to, the campaign asks us to create “resource groups” , which is the new name for ad groups. So, to create such a group, we ne: landing page URL, Graphics – maximum , recommend aspect ratios,  and , Logos – maximum , recommend aspect ratio  pixels, Video – maximum , Headers maximum , up to characters, Long headers – maximum , up to characters Mobile Phone Number Lists Short ad text – maximum , up to characters, Ad texts – maximum up to characters.

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It is worth noting that if we do not add a video, it will be creat automatically bas on the graphic materials and headers we send.  Those that we can create using YouTube Video Builder, but, having no possibility to modify their content ourselves, the effects are not always satisfactory. The final element that distinguishes this campaign from others is targeting. Audience Bulk Lead signals is the name we have to get us to and use in the case of Performance Max campaigns.

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