In the case of infinite scroll, there is no such thing as the bottom of the page – new content is load constantly and without ceasing. Of course, this can be easily solv by inserting this type of information into the main menu, but it can confuse users and it will take them a while to find information that is normally found in the footer. When is it worth using infinite scroll? Infinite scroll is great for social mia and news sites,  wherever there is a lot of engaging content, especially video or photos.  in the form of a user almost glu to the screen, consuming more and more new content. Pagination is a better choice for e-commerce. Here, holding the user by force is unnecessary.

Internet use – someone wants

Shopping in a store is a completely different type of  to buy something, someone else wants to sell. It is not so important how long someone will scroll – the goal is not the time spent on the page, but conversion and adding to the cart. Therefore knowing that the user has a specific task to perform here, let’s not hold him down by force, let him decide whether he will go to the next page, stay on the current one, or maybe leave the store altogether. Let’s give him the knowlge on Costa Rica Phone Number List which page of the store he is on, the ability to easily and quickly copy the link, as well as efficient return to a given subpage with the product.

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Parallel pagination with a set of component

Infinite scroll a seo As mention above – indexation can be a problem. New content appears only after interaction, and the Google robot does not interact with the page in the same way as the user. What to do if we insist on infinite scroll and do not want to give it up? Google is in a hurry to help by publishing a guide for webmasters. Briefly summarizing the correct way to implement infinite scroll. Which can be easily. Read by all kinds of crawlers.  Pages ensures that Google robots will surely reach every element Infinite scroll and pagination should be Bulk Lead implement in parallel, as in the diagram below: Infinite scroll page Source: developers.