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In this way, he creat the founding myth of the brand for women who want to look stylish and modest at the same time . “A woman wearing Marie Zélie always and everywhere felt comfortable and confident, yet elegant and beautiful” Around the USP of “women’s clothes” there are many people who somehow identify with the brand and not only like the clothes, but also share similar values. In clos Facebook groups , where they sell clothes, exchange, but also advise and share their understanding of femininity. They use specific names of dresses because they are so familiar with the brand.

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A very active community has form around the USP of the Marie Zelie brand, which discusses home, problems and motherhood. Thanks to USP? Learn proven methods In this case, the Unique Selling Proposition is inform by the website, Facebook, homepage title and meta description, interviews on various websites and in various newspapers, private blog, discounts for large families. A narrative has been built around the USP that creates brand identity , making Algeria Phone Number List the personality very distinct. What does Marie Zelie teach? That communication should be consistent – choose your USP and gradually build communication bas on the ideas you choose.

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Highlight those features that define the personality of the brand. To ladies who identify with traditional family values? Give an additional discount on the Large Family Card. You can successfully create a community around the USP, which at the same time will define the USP of the brand itself. USP and fake – won’t customers fall for it? Suppose we are the owners of a company. We choose that our cosmetics company will sell cosmetics pack in ecological boxes. In the meta description, we put slogans about ecology, and on the website about Bulk Lead how important the planet is to us and we value sustainable development.

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