Keep in mind that being high in the search results is not a competition to place as many such phrases as possible. At the end of the day, the page title must also be natural and reflect the content of the page. Important: Google sometimes changes (chooses) the titles for our pages.  of your website and remember about key phrases and the hierarchy of headings in its structure.rtunately Google, despite the passage of time, does not read it, it selects a random fragment of the page text that does not encourage visitors to visit it.

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How to make google read the inserted description? Same with the emoji I added in the title of the page. Answer Patricia Cat January , at : Patricia Kot wrote: Perhaps in the eyes of Google, however, its meta description is more accurate and responds to the user’s intentions. We cannot fully control the selection of the meta description, but what you can do is check if the description: meets the length requirements, reflects what is on the page, there is only one meta description Hong Kong Mobile Number Database tag in the page code.What description has been read by Google? The best way to do this is to enter in the search engine.

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Did you check in GSC when the last time the robot visited a given subpage? As for the emoji, it is only displayed when Google considers it relevant to the query. It is worth bearing in mind that Google may change the title, so perhaps the emoji. Is displayed for some search results. Google is still testing the display of emojis in meta tags. So they may or may not appear depending on the day. of them, and some simply do not display. Answer add comment Bulk Lead Your e-mail address will not be published.