There are different types of packages

This tool is simple, although it does not have many functionalities, but if you do not ne very advanc forms, then it is the perfect solution for you Create a survey in Google Forms. Paid tools offer more advanc options, prettier templates, and advanc integrations.  Available in them, also free. Example pages are: Startquestion Inter-surveys surveymonkey typeform Jotform Sending a survey Once you have prepar a good survey, you must remember to create the right content of the email that will motivate recipients to complete it.

The purpose of the survey

There are several elements to an effective email: Topic It should be short, simple and telling what the recipient will gain after completing the survey, e.g. “Fill in the survey, get a % discount on purchases”. Contents Its task is to convince the recipient to click on the link and fill out the form. Items to be includ in the body of the email:  How long will it take to complete it, the number of questions that are waiting for the user, profit from the survey – what do you offer the Israel Phone Number List customer for completing it, until when the recipient can complete the form, CTA button with a link to the survey.

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Therefore in our opinion this element

Incentive Let’s face it, hardly anyone is able to devote their time to completing the survey if they do not see that they can gain something from it. Is very important. You can offer a reward to anyone, then it has to be something that you can easily organize, but at the same time it will be attractive to the customer. These can be discount vouchers for shopping in your online store or free access to paid content. The award should be present to the respondent already in the Bulk Lead invitation to the survey. There is one risk associat with this solution – lower quality of responses.

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