Social Proof of Rightness on the website – examples Each company has different capabilities and resources that it can use to convince users to choose its products. Below is a list of ways that you can use on your website. Check what is worth adding to your offer Customer reviews way to use proof of choice is to allow users to add reviews about your products or services. Example: Did the product meet your expectations?source: /born It is worth adding questions to the survey that will make it easier for customers to write a review.

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These can be hints about the size or color of the product. The process is design to be easy, quick and fun. However, sometimes it is difficult for us to obtain such opinions.  An email reminding them about the possibility of evaluating the product. In the case of regular customers, we can offer them a small discount on their next purchase in exchange for sharing their impressions after shopping. Example: price What about. Another frequently us idea is to add a slider to the China Phone Number List product page, which tells the user which products are worth paying attention to. example_modivo source: / We have a wide scope here.

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We can present customers with items that are similar to those that they are currently browsing, those that other users browsing the product have bought or that we can complement our look with. example_reserv source: /reserv/ social mia uses Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Social mia is one of the most important sources of customer acquisition. It is here that customers spend the most time, browse the opinions of other users and decide whether they want to use the services of a given company. However, it should be remember that we can meet not only. With a positive response from the client, but also with a negative one. Then we have to react, explain Bulk Lead the situation to be sure that the client will want to come back to us.