Therefore, rirects are useful when a subpage is delet. Example: sports shoe store.  the page with r sports shoes because he knows that he will never sell r shoes again. Then a rirect is perform to move traffic from the r shoes subpage to the general shoes subpage. Perhaps, although the page with r shoes will not be available on the website, the pink ones will be captivating enough that the customer will change his intention and convert.

Implementation of the SSL certificate Once

Correcting the URL Correct URLs are the basis of SEO. Therefore, after consulting a specialist, it is worth correcting the addressing on your website so that Polish characters, capital letters or underscores do not appear. Then, in order not to lose the page’s  position in Morocco Phone Number List Google, rirects are us from old addresses to new URLs.  SSL rirects were not a standard, now – it’s obvious. According to Google, every website should be secur with an SSL certificate. The rirect in htaccess is necessary for the site to run under the encrypt https protocol. The SSL certificate is especially important when it comes to online stores.

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If your website is available at both

While an unsecur blog negatively affects the perception of our website, but does not have major consequences, the lack of an SSL certificate in an online store may directly translate into a lower conversion rate, because no one will want to leave Bulk Lead their data on a website that informs that it is dangerous and vulnerable to attacks. Versions with and without and non- addresses, then you should use a rirect so that the user and search engine robots can only access the domain from one URL. When two versions of a page are index in the search results, Google treats them as addresses with duplicate content. A quick way to correct this error is to correct one version of the address for another.