The next goal in this category

This goal is to make as many people as possible learn about the brand. Increasing interest in the brand In the interest category, we will find the goal: visits to the website – the equivalent of a Facebook traffic campaign, a goal focus on visiting the website, encouraging to visit our company page. Will be interactions – this is a goal that primarily encourages an increase in the number of social interactions around the brand, as well as an increase in the number of followers of the company profile. IS video views – this type of campaign aims to ensure that the video view is attend by the largest possible audience.

The next goal is website conversions

Generating leads Finally, we have conversions. Among this group of goals, we will find a lead generation goal , a goal that allows you to conveniently generate leads, using a form with the auto-complete option, as well as the ability to connect to a contact management platform.  This goal allows you to set, optimize and count website conversions, giving us the ability to encourage audiences to take certain actions. Finally, there is the Candidates goal , which is primarily us to advertise job offers, to attract the right people with specific competencies for the company’s area South Korea Mobile Number List of ​​activity. Advertising goals LinkIn Ads More than text ads – formats Advertising campaigns on LinkIn Ads can use a variety of ad formats.

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A given advertising format

Among them, we will find such basic as image ads – single image ads, carousel ads, video ads, text ads, spotlight ads, email ads. (message ads), conversational ads (conversation ads), dynamic ads (dynamic ads), event ads.  Is available depending on the chosen goal of the advertising campaign. LinkIn Ads ad formats Appropriate, effective Linkin Ads Bulk Lead advertising is therefore easy to match the purpose of LinkIn advertising, because the system immiately prompts us with formats.

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