The main reasons for website

The main reasons for website

Reliability – website content should be publish in such a way that it can be effectively interpret by various types of user software, including assistive technologies. Where does the lack of digital accessibility of websites come from Inaccessibility are that web tools do not sufficiently support accessibility and web developers are unaware of the difficulties people with disabilities face when using their website. Examples of specific solutions Below we will present some suggestions for actions that will allow you to adapt the website to the nes of people with disabilities and tell you about the elements of the website that should be paid attention to.

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Letter size and font This is an important aspect, especially for visually impair people. The page should be able to enlarge the letters. A fairly well-known symbol responsible for the possibility of changing it is the icon with three letters “A”. Than the previous one, which suggests the possibility of increasing or decreasing the font size on the page and adapting it to Qatar Mobile Number List individual nes. This feature should affect every area of ​​the page. You can place the AAA symbol at the top of the menu so that it is easy to find and apply.

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Examples Of fonts you can use are

The choice of font is also important, the simpler it is, the better. Choose sans-serif (serif) fonts, those that do not have round heads. Arial Comic Sans Verdan Helvetica Tahoma Open Sans Contrast The page should allow you to change the contrast between the text and the background. Thanks to this, the text is clearly visible and thus more readable. Most often, it is recommend to create pages in the following contrasting versions: black and white, black and yellow. Source: danone. More and more often, websites use a plugin with a disabl person icon, in which all possible functions for changing the content on the website are gather: Source: dzielopomocy. The Bulk Lead button must be locat in a place where the user can easily find and use it.

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