Domain is being “here and now” and the short life of content, which is why it is valu to be up to date with what is happening in the world and thus on the portal.  Profiles in Poland are information profiles, athletes and politicians, which reflects the nature of this portal well. Having a presence on Twitter allows you to maintain relationships with journalists and other companies, as well as follow trends.  Will be suitable for brands, who can regularly tweet about content with the greatest potential, such as updates from company life, articles from the company blog or information about milestones from ongoing projects . L’Oréal Polska is not a profile of an athlete, politician or news website, but a cosmetics brand.

Pinterest is a channel that at first

Despite this, the publication of tweets relat to the functioning of the company, undertaken initiatives and the publication of other information relat to the brand’s activity allows you to become part of the nature of.  Pinterest almost like Instagram? Glance seems to be similar to Instagram. Here, too, photos play the main role, but the key is not so much sharing as organizing into thematic groups, the so-call. tables. When it comes to users, out of nearly million Poles, % are Honduras Phone Number List women . The largest group are users ag – . While Instagram is all about sharing your own photos and staying up to date with your friends’ photos, Pinterest is all about discovering and getting inspir.

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What content will be best to publish

For users on Pinterest, not only the visual aspects matter – they require tutorials, instructions or a more detail description of how they can use a given solution themselves.  On Pinterest? Instructions and tips, inspirational graphics and non-face photos. The activities of a travel agency showing interesting and nice destinations, a financial company presenting ways to manage the budget, a clothing company presenting outfits or a gym presenting sets of exercises may turn out to be a hit. Wings of Development is Bulk Lead Katarzyna Antonik-Heller’s brand that operates in the area of ​​personal development.