The coefficient should not reach

The coefficient should not reach

When should a high bounce rate be avoid?  High values ​​if our landing page is intend to rirect the user eper into our website or requires him to perform some other action. If the landing page of the campaign is a sale or promotion offer, then the purpose of the visit should be to browse the list products and, consequently, add them to the basket and complete the conversion. Achieving a goal can also be adding a product to your favourites. On the other hand, in the case of a website that collects leads, filling out the form will be a conversion.

It may turn out that such a low rate

When we bring a lot of traffic to a given page, but it does not give any effect , i.e. the bounce rate reaches significant values, because users do not achieve the intend targets, then the so-call bounce rate should light up for us. “r lamp”. Does a low bounce rate always mean a win? In short, unfortunately not. If you notice a surprisingly low score, like %, among your data, don’t start the fanfare too early.  Is the result of an error. You should explore the data analysis in Google Conduit CN Sales Leads Analytics and find arguments saying “for” or “against” the result. It is not uncommon that a low value of the coefficient is the result of incorrectly implement events.

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If it is set as an interaction

For example, when a user enters a product page, an e-commerce event is trigger to view product tails.  event and the recipient enters and exits the page, the visit will be count as a non-disapprov session, even though the user has not done anything on the page. He did not go to the next subpage, did not browse the photo gallery, did not add the product to the basket, and the page bounce rate was %. Therefore , remember to always think carefully about the events implement on your pages. Reasons for too high bounce rate and suggestions on how to improve it High Bulk Lead bounce rate. Source: Google Analytics Divergence in expectations vs.

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