Why am I seeing this ad? After clicking on it, Facebook will show us a page regarding advertising preferences. It is here that you can verify specific interests and categories assign to you automatically by Facebook bas on your activity on Facebook pages and in the network of its partners. First things first. A place to personalize ads In the advertising preferences panel on the left, you will find a menu with three sections Advertisers , Ad Themes and Ad Settings.  The advertisers you’ve recently view. Next to each of them, you can select the Hide ads option , thanks to which FB will avoid showing you content from this sender.

The next section is Ad Topics

In addition, in the section you will also find a list of advertisers. You have already hidden and advertisers whose ads have been click. With the first one, you can unhide the ads. If, for example, you accidentally hid a brand, and you want its ads to continue to be display. With the second one, you can hide the ads of those advertisers whose ads you happen to click on, but you don’t want to see ads from them.  Here is a list of categories, with the option of displaying fewer ads in a given topic. The last section and the one that will interest us the most is the Ad Settings . There’s a whole range Cyprus Phone Number List of options here to choose your ad preferences, and this is where we’re most interest. Advertising preferences Want to change a lot? Choose your ad settings.

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Here you will find a lot of useful

In this section you will find a lot of useful settings, you can change the settings. In the following areas: Data about your activity from partners.  This is where you can let Facebook know if it can. Use data about your behavior on partner sites and apps.  And more detail information about this setting. Categories us to reach you – here you will find profile information. That Facebook may use to display Bulk Lead ads to you, job or relationship status, and mark which the service may use.