Be it an accident and next time it will fail Data driven SEO and test pages Why do we operate on test sites and not on client sites? Well, not every client is so eager to test new solutions – it is natural that he expects actual results and proven actions with a specific effect from SEO specialists. In everyday work on clients, there is not always time to check your hypotheses, make mistakes and constantly monitor the strategy. We want it to work. Test pages (although not always – sometimes the scientific method is simply partially us, because it allows us to observe some phenomenon, and at the same time it does not stop the work.

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As a rule, however, only one variable should be test at a time, i.e. if we test the impact of the exact match keyword phrase in the title, we do not conduct extensive link-building in parallel, because as a result we will not know whether the improvement or deterioration of the position influenc by the title or external linking activities. Tthe client – we have implement one test change, we are holding off on other actions until we determine whether the experiment was successful. There is no time to freely test things. Hence the use of test domains, which are a controll environment Ivory Coast Mobile Number List where ranking factors can be studi long-term.

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