Tag Manager and publishing the changes

Tag Manager and publishing the changes

We’ll show you how to set up a basic pageview tag in Google Analytcis. If you already have it install in the page co, remove it right after adding the tag in Google. Otherwise, the views in GA will be duplicat, making the statistics incorrect and you will see a bounce rate around %. Installing the pageview tracking tag in Google Analytics Go to the Tags section . Click New . Select a Google Analytics type. Set the tracking type to Page View. We now ne to configure the GA settings variable. To do this, select a new variable.

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You will be rirect to variable configuration. Set the tracking ID to the UA number found in Google Analytics unr Administration > Tracking Information > Tracking Co. Add an All Pages rule . By clicking Preview you can check if the pageview tag is actually firing on your page. Save the tag and publish the container by clicking the Upload button in the upper right corner of the screen and confirming the operation.  Check if GTM has been correctly implement in the website co. If you see a green icon next to GTM, then the configuration was successful. Way to go! What Mobile Phone Number Lists should be remember when using GTM? Always test new tags before publishing a new container version. After making changes, publish a new version of the container. Use appropriate naming for tags, rules, and variables.

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This will make it easier for other people to work. Be careful with capital letters – they can cause variables or rules to not work. This is just basic information about Google Tag Manager.  The more possibilities you will discover, and your work will become much easier, so let’s do it!contact Comments Avatar August , at : Grzegorz wrote: Hello. I have a question . Is it possible to install a second GTM container next to the first existing one on the website Answer Anna Gruszewska Bulk Lead August , at : Anna Gruszewska wrote.

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