In addition to such information

In addition to such information

In addition, we will find out what the current SERP looks like, which pages Google has select as the perfect answer to a given query. We can see that the first position for the phrase “New Zealand” is, follow by Wikipia and we would have to compete with them if we want to achieve a high position for the phrase “new zealand”. What is currently in the search results determines how we will shape the content on our website. We get a whole range of various key phrases.

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That can be us in content about New Zealand: As we can see, the distance is large, but if, for example, we run a travel blog and we can use phrases such as “kiwi bird” to describe the fauna of New Zealand, as well as “manuka honey” to emphasize that New Zealand is one of the main importers this kind of honey. Monitoring Monitoring, as the name suggests, allows you to monitor the position of individual key phrases for the select website. Whether the phrases that a given website cares about and which are, for example, key to the business, are growing or falling. It happens relatively often that, for example, a client does not want to be visible for many phrases, he cares Norway Mobile Number List about ten that generate leads, the rest is unnecessary ballast for him.

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Title length What can we learn from

This is where keyword monitoring comes in handy. SERP analysis As the name suggests, this tool allows you to compare all pages that are display in Google for a given key phrase, for the phrase “witcher”: the witcher; filmweb, wikipia, etc., in terms of how a given subpage is structur for this query: Content length Number of H headings Number of H headings Number of H headings Text html ratio  this? For example, if most pages in SERPs have very long Bulk Lead content, we know that we can’t beat them with two sentences about Geralt of Rivia.

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