You are the owner of the advertising account, not the agency and you have the full right to manage access to it and you can view it at any time). Working on clear and transparent rules or KPIs establish at the beginning of cooperation. It is also the ability to present complex matters in a clear way, accessible to people from outsi the industry or inexperienc, as well as the same ability to scribe the services provid by the agency or the propos settlement mol without additional tricks or clauses inconvenient for the client. Honesty – manifest especially in crisis situations.  Without hiding responsibility, especially in times of crisis, is an indispensable element proving the agency’s professionalism and treating the client as a partner.

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Support– the contact person on the customer si is someone who faces a difficult task. It must respond to the expectations of the superior and the requirements of the agency at the same time. For this reason, in the agency’s work, it usually expects support, e.g. in persuading superiors to a given ia or offer, or support in reporting the effects and presenting them in the simplest possible way. Therefore, good agencies perceive their role as a business partner Mexico Phone Number List whose task is to bring mutual benefits.  Representing the client and the account on the part of the agency should therefore be bas on support, joint achievement of goals and good communication.

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Agencies at a high level of velopment are also characteriz by perceiving themselves as the client’s external marketing partment. Punctuality – meeting the promis adlines, but also informing about the progress of work, even if this information is only “for information. Proactivity – perceiv as taking the initiative for additional activities, channels or campaigns that will velop the business, but also as suggesting new ias and proposals – even if for some reason they cannot be us here and now. The fact that in contentious and conflict situations the agency Bulk Lead tries to velop a mol that is appropriate and beneficial for both parties.