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These changes do not affect the rating of the website, but they do reflect the search results. This means that changes in search results under the influence of Bert are not a reward or punishment, but the effect of better matching of results to queries. It is estimat that on the day the update was launch in , BERT affect nearly % of all query results. It’s more than Panda and Penguin. From December , the update also includes inquiries in Polish. NLP (Natural language processing) technology was us in berta ,which allow for a better understanding of the intentions of searchers.  Nuances that can be difficult for Google’s algorithms.

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The matter becomes even more complicat if we take into account, for example, Polish homonyms and a word of the homogonic type. Such cases are rare in Polish, which makes Voice Search even more difficult. For humans, ambiguity is not a problem – we face it every day and we know that context is crucial for communication. We instinctively understand whether we mean a zipper in a jacket or a castle in Książ. For robots, ambiguity is a challenge. It is also a challenge for the most tailor answers to a specific query. How does this affect content creation? Well, this is the next step Cyprus Phone Number List in creating texts for users, not for robots – keywords are no longer keywords. They become an accessory. Google stops ignoring stop words, i.e. pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions.

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The complexity of the algorithms

Google Algorithms: Summary The Google algorithm is not a monolith – it is constantly changing and evolving to better adapt to Internet users. This user is more and more aware, goal-orient,gaining knowlge and wants to achieve this goal immiately on his mobile device.  Makes it impossible to arrange one efficient positioning process or clear guidelines on Bulk Lead what to do to make the website in a high position – everything depends on the industry, the language we use and the competition we have to face.

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