Our olfactory perception can

Our olfactory perception can

This can evoke certain memories. A good example of this is experiencing the smell of freshly bak cookies, which can evoke childhood memories of grandmother’s kitchen. Since infancy, olfactory memories full of emotions have been creat more or less consciously in every phase of life. The smell is coupl with the memories.  Be just as misleading and affect our judgement. Smells can trigger associations in our brain. Caroline Ardelet, partner at Emosens and specialist in olfactory marketing, explains this with the following examples: The smell of fresh, warm bread from an industrial bakery makes you believe that the products are made by hand.

The olfactory identity can also

The smell of newness in an older car gives a sense of security.  Be found in products. Sanitizers for toilets with a smell of bleach ensure ultimate cleanliness, but that’s another story. Olfactory marketing is around every corner Have you ever been in a store and notic a pleasant smell? Exactly this situation illustrates a successful example for the application of an olfactory signature of brands. The goal is for you to relax, stay in business longer, and use all your other Austria Phone Numbers List senses, which can ultimately lead to a purchase. Don’t you feel a certain calmness when you enter a Sofit Hotel? Well, several elements play a role here: the decoration, the light, the quality of the reception – but also the perfume that hovers in the air.

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It all makes sense for a hotel

The olfactory signature, select fragrances that can only be smell in the Sofit Hotel, creat an original and welcoming environment for the customer. For returning customers, this means returning to a familiar environment that evokes comfort and makes them feel at home. But how about something even more extraordinary? Singapore Airlines is Bulk Lead one of the first airlines to create its own olfactory signature.

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