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What are your business goals (try to fine them more precisely than just sales. And “image building” – specific and measurable goals are, for example, the number of page likes, fans, reactions, link clicks or conversions from posts); who do you want to communicate with? what are the nes , expectations and interests of your audience? what are the key values ​​of your brand that you want to convey to them? with the lifestyle of your potential customers ? What are your competitors doing on Facebook? can you avoid their mistakes and be one step ahead of them – at least in a select aspect? Creating precise answers to these questions is a guarantee that you will start from the very beginning in a good position.

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Perhaps even in a short time you will overtake those who have been on Facebook for a long time. This information constitutes the components of the Communication Strategy.  Is intentionally capitaliz. Strategy should be like your bible. It’s your ultimate gui, charting trails through the tangl paths of the land call Social Mia. Starting a company fanpage without preparing a strategy is like traveling by plane to a foreign continent – without a map, documents, luggage Estonia Phone Number List and phone. Make sure you don’t get lost! . Start running a fanpage on Facebook by choosing a template! Did you know that not every Facebook business page is the same.

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How to set up a Facebook business

The portal has creat dicat website templates for specific types of business activities. You can choose a template dicat to, among others: for company, services, shop, non-profit organizations, political activity, object, public figure. Individual page templates differ in the types of tabs (cards) or CTA buttons. Some of them have additional features that you won’t find in others. Page things you can’t miss Remember that regardless of the template. You choose, you can also ci Bulk Lead  which cards your website should consist of and which you don’t ne.

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