Why is it necessary to moderate comments? Although, as mention, comments can provide many benefits from an SEO point of view, their presence also carries some risks.  spam or trolling can not only distort how Google sees your site and its content, but also prevent the However, if commenting has been available for some time and contributes to how Google analyzes your page, removing it may lower your rankings. development of healthy discussions between real users.

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However, deleting the comments section is a bit of a risky step. If you are completely out of control of its quality, getting rid of it may help. In this case, however, you lose any of the potential benefits we discuss earlier.  As John Mueller put it in the video cit earlier: From our point of view, we see comments as part of the content. your pages bas on comments, then if you remove them, we will naturally not be able to find your pages bas on comments. So how to Belgium Mobile Number List approach this task? Here are some tips to help you ensure the quality of comments on your site Use anti-spam tools Spam is characteriz by the fact that it is usually repetitive and very similar to each other.

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For this reason, it can be combat quite effectively with automat tools that detect specific patterns in comments. Many of these tools are % effective. This means that, of course, manual moderation is still ne, but investing in it saves a lot of time. Importantly, there are free plugins of this type. Some recommend solutions are: Akismet Titan Antispam and Security  by BestWebSoft. Remove the “author” and “page link” sections from the comments section Bulk Lead What is the purpose of spam comments? It’s usually about getting links.