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He specializes mainly in creating high-quality content for content marketing, which builds authority around his clients and attracts quality traffic to the website. He writes mainly on topics relat to SEO, internet marketing, web development, e-commerce and IT.  upcoming Google changes you should know about March , Daniel Podgorski minutes In the case of Google, one thing is certain – changes. It’s worth staying up to date with the latest updates, but it’s even better to prepare for them in advance.

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Although the creators of the largest Internet search engine do not always inform about their plans, we can determine what to expect in a few issues. In this article, we will therefore take a look at updates and changes that Google is planning for the near future. There is a chance that they will take place even this year, however (as you will get to know it better in the case of one topic) nothing is always certain. Google Ads – flexible ads as the only type of ads in standard search campaigns According to this announcement, the title change is to be introduc on June  Responsive Belize Mobile Number List search ads allow Google to automatically test different combinations of text and learn which ones perform best.

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As for expand text ads, they will not be completely remov – they will continue to appear and data on their performance will remain in the reports. However, the ability to it them will not be available, so Google encourages you to move to responsive ads in advance. The fact that responsive ads, using the same resources (photos and text), generate up to % more conversions compar to their extend text counterparts. Many people in the industry expect these changes, as Google has recently made similar decisions. For example, expand text ads Bulk Lead began to replace regular text ads, and responsive ads themselves became the main option in the Google Ads interface in early.

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