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You can build up to three sites for free to test out Carrd’s features. If you want to use Card with custom fields, you have a “Go Pro” option.

 plans. The Pro-Lite plan allows you to create up to 3 sites and access various features such as unlimited elements, premium URLs, and large image and video uploan adds forms, widgets, and Google Analytics aplan lets you set up download sites, redirects, and password protection for up to 25 websites.

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The editor comes with pre-set sections for your landing page including CTA (call to action), testi telemarketing list monials, and an attractive Hero section. If you want a modern and sleek landing page, Umso is a quick and easy way to get one up in an afternoon.


A powerful landing page generator that creates a website that fits your business

A drag and drop editor for each section of your landing page

An asset library for images, logos, and mockups

Third-party integration supportGlobal options for style and colorsReal-time previewBuilt-in form support


Umso’s Basic Plan starts at $25 a month and comes with support for blogs, analytics, and a custom domain. Additional sites require $10 per additional site.

Starter Plan starts at $45 a month and adds email lists, custom forms, cookie flags, and site and page passwords. The Business Plan allows you to manage up to 5 sites and has a site export feature.

Carrd offers three Pro

Unbounce is a powerful no-code tool that can create high-converting landing pages for your business. The platform offers analytics and marketing options to help you optimize your website and drive conversions.

If you’re looking to create an optimized landing page for your business, Unbounce’s Conversion Bulk Lead Information Platform is perfect for you. The suite of AI-powered tools like Smart Builder, Smart Traffic, and Smart Copy guide you to create landing pages for a successful marketing campaign.


Mobile responsive design

More than 30+ templates 

A design assistant to help create pages

A smart builder’s style guide for cohesive branding

Use the Smart Copy insights to create better copy for your landing page

Smart traffic reports and conversion mapping 

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