It consists in analyzing the development

It consists in analyzing the development

Adding to this definition the historical background that the term audit  was associat with the interrogation of accounts” in ancient Rome, where one official interrogat compar, reading their content with the documents of another, which was to prevent errors and loss of money , we get all the most important features of a good audit: The audit of digital activities is to check their effectiveness both in financial and organizational terms.  Prospects of each channel. The audit is carri out by experts. The ultimate goal of audit execution and implementation is to prevent errors and loss of money.

Baseline analysis is necessary when

When should we consider an audit?  we do not have a marketing strategy and development vision; so far we have not carri out marketing activities, the website has not been optimiz, and advertising campaigns have been conduct on an ad hoc basis; despite a modern and good-looking website, we do not achieve the desir number of conversions (contacts, sales); advertising activities are carri out by various agenciesseveral freelancers who do not cooperate with each Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List other in the field of their optimization; previous cooperation with several agenciesfreelancers does not achieve the intend results; the competition achieves better results in the field of similar channels, having the same offerassortment; we do not know where to allocate marketing budgets to bring the best.

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Increas website traffic and salesconversions

ROI we do not know what decisions to make to develop the business – we lack data support, we rely only on market recommendations or our own intuitions. What are the business benefits of implementing an audit? Optimization of costs relat to conducting ineffective activities. Outperforming competitors. Clearly defin directions of development in all digital channels. The ability to make decisions bas on data. Expansion of the website in terms of business. What areas are worth analyzing? The audit, as an introduction to the strategy planning process, should Bulk Lead cover all those channels that will be actively us in the subsequent marketing strategy.

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