In this paragraph Business strategy in the time of Coronavirus coronavirus-marketing-sales-digital-transformation. Rethinking the business plan the case of the luxury market. One of the most important aspects in managing a company is the correct and broadest possible reading of the situation . Fac with an emergency like that of the Coronavirus, the impact on the global and national economy cannot and must not be underestimat. A slowdown like this can only have major consequences on purchases and consumer behavior. For this reason, every company should immiately review its business plan for investments. Expect profits and growth objectives establish before the explosion of the emergency in China and Europe will ne to be review.

A timely analysis of

The situation determines the possibility for the company to know how to move in the near future and to limit the damage caus by this particular moment. There will certainly be production sectors that will suffer the worst consequences and others that will be able to absorb the blow. These outcomes depend on the necessary restrictions seo expater bangladesh ltd impos by governments and on an understandable change in customer purchasing habits . The impact will be inevitable but the real difference will be between the companies that passively suffer the crisis and those that immiately start to react. Luxury marketing Why delve into the luxury sector in the time of Coronavirus.

The epidemic and the closure

The luxury market can offer us some interesting ideas to reflect on. The Chinese are strong buyers of luxury goods produc by international brands, especially European and American. With the explosion of the Coronavirus epidemic in China, this sector immiately suffer a setback. According to the State Bulk Lead Administration of Foreign Exchange, Chinese spent more than. Billion on foreign travel in the first half of alone. During these trips, many other expenses involve luxury goods, designer clothes and precious objects . No other population spent so much. With the spread of of borders for safety reasons, these gains are preclud for .