What you can’t find, you can’t fix. With the knowledge that you have found all instances of vulnerable code, you can fix vulnerabilities with confidence.

 and pull requests, you can track the progress 

  • Search among hundreds of repos in GitHub, GitLab, and other places for your personal or public code.
  •  and compatibility-aware pattern matching are supported by a visual and interactive query builder, which allows you to get results quickly.
  • Discover everything in code, including definitions, references, use examples, and more, across package, dependency, and resource boundaries.
  • Comment on your source code to identify broad patterns

Regular expressions

Graph Buddy is designed to help you read and learn your source code faster. The call lists Graph Buddy plugin includes several useful features and strategies for navigating complex code dependencies.

At the same time, it will help you understand the code structure of your source code.


The main technologies of the project are TypeScript, Scala, Neo4j (a graph database), React, and Vis.js (a library that helps with graphics). In Graph Buddy, a visual graph is created.

It makes it as simpleto use and create as possible and is based on the Language Server Protocol.By clicking on your code or on the graph representation, you can perform visual Developers can better understand the code with the help of GraphBuddy.

  • Keep a visual record of the places you’ve been recently and easily integrate the Code Editor.
  • The Graph Buddy main panel menu allows you to filter components by a specific type. The nodes on the canvas can be arranged using shapes.

With automatic patches

Software developers can create flowcharts using Visustin. With Bulk Lead automatic code visualization, reduce documentation efforts. Your source code is reverse engineered into flowcharts or UML Functional Diagrams using Visustin.

Visustin fully automates the reading of

Ada, ASP, assembly, BASIC, C/C++, C#, Clipper, COBOL, ColdFusion, Delphi, Fortran, Java, JavaScript, JCL (MVS), JSP, LotusScript, Matlab, Pascal, and many more just a few of the source code languages ​​that Visustin documents.

Visustin runs on Windows. Your source code can be written in any of the supported languages ​​and run on any processor or environment, including Windows, Unix, Macintosh, MS-DOS, mainframes, and others.