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Various elements are dynamic, a movie is display, and the page looks more attractive overall. The use of JS is becoming more and more common, but how does it affect SEO? What can be done to not lose a user who does not support the JavaScript format? Welcome to the article! What are noscript tags? To answer this question, we ne to go back to what Java Script is. Generally speaking, it is a programming language that makes it easier for us to implement dynamic elements on the page. JavaScript – there are older models that can’t handle JS rendering. It may also happen that someone intentionally disables Java Script support.

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This is where the noscript tags come into play , making content available as JS available as HTML. Why are noscript tags important in SEO? Although Google officially says otherwise, Google’s robots are bad at rendering Java Scripts. There are more advanc robots that are able to scan, render and index. However, not every robot can do this, and we must Honduras Mobile Number List remember that we have no influence on which robot visits us – sometimes the standard one, and sometimes the more advanc one.  that indexing Java Scripts is times more expensive than indexing HTML.

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Even if this is not confirm information, it allows you to imagine how costly it can be for Google to scan JS. Therefore, it is recommend to use the noscript tag and display alternative content for robots that do not support Java Scripts. Example of a When is it worth using noscript tags?  the content of a dynamic page, but at the same time one that we want Google robots to index without any problems. “No problem” is the key word, because Google robots, as mention Bulk Lead above – can index JavaScript, but not in every case.

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