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The scripts should be placed one below the other. It is also necessary to use one data layer for both containers, which has its consequences in terms of the same events and variables. Therefore, every time you implement tags and rules, you must be extremely careful that it does not cause confusion in another container. Answer add comment Your e-mail address will not be published. Required fields are marked comment name Email Karolina Kniaziuk Digital Analytics Specialist He has been cooperating with Semahead since the beginning of his activity in the industry.  Optimization and website usability research moreentries.

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SEE ALL ENTRIES PREVIOUS ENTRY FAQ and SEO, or how to optimize the frequently asked questions section? NEXT ENTRY Buzz marketing, or how to make noise on the Internet Do you want to start cooperation with us? Fill out the Brief! Completing the brief will take you a few moments and will allow us to better prepare for the conversation with you. SEO July , semahead Google tries to provide its users with answers already in the search results in Italy Mobile Number Database various ways. Such methods include displaying extended FAQ fragments on the SERP page, which supplement the obtained result with additional questions.

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The frequently asked questions section

In today’s article, you will learn how to gain an advantage and rank higher. By using the most frequently asked questions. For example, after entering the phrase “women’s dresses. Into the search engine, a subpage of the Allegro website was displayed. Under which two additional questions appeared: Usually, we will receive the FAQ when we are a maximum. Of the third party in the search results visible for a given phrase that has them implemented. Regardless of whether we are in the top of the search results. This means that even if we are not among the first three results. Thanks to the implementation of the FAQ. The result with our website can become more Bulk Lead visible than the competition occupying a higher position.

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