The most commonly us include, among others: a question (e.g. regarding the content of the post or the user’s opinion on a given topic); encouragement to share (e.g. mentioning that this will help more people to know about the issue rais in the post). The graphics attach to the post also play a big role here. In some situations where it is sufficient, the content may contain only a call to action, an example of which is a post on the Netflix Facebook fan page. Netflix Facebook post Use real-time marketing Real time marketing,  reacting  is one of the best ways to build engagement with a Facebook post.

Create attractive graphics Undoubtly

However, for it to be effective, you must act: Quick, creatively, with a sense of humor. These are the only rules for creating RTM posts. Using all of them, you can gain great commitment and the image of a creative, flexible company that is up to date with current events. Can be posts on the Facebook profile of the IKEA brand. A post on the IKEA fanpage  the substantive value of posts is important, but there is no ne to cheat – graphics in Facebook posts also affect the  way we Argentina Phone Number List perceive the entire creation. Moreover, they are often what we pay attention to first. For this reason, it is worth taking care of its attractive appearance.

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An example to follow in this regard

In order for the visual part of your posts to arouse interest and then engage the audience , remember in particular about: eye-catching slogan; appropriate colors (bas on contrasting combinations, where the color wheel available on the Internet is useful); in the right format (the dimensions of Facebook images are variable, so it is worth checking them regularly on the web). Experiment with the form Experimenting with the type of posts can Bulk Lead also help you create engaging Facebook posts.