what distinguishes you why the product or service is right for the person who reads your news. It is best to apply the rule from the general to the specific, with – messages being the most common. Of the road, users do not know much about your brand yet, they are not ready to buy and most likely are looking for other offers at the same time. You must act quickly! Start Lead Nurturing with, for example, thanking for subscribing to the newsletter, taking part in a webinar/competition or downloading material from your website (guide, catalog, report, e-book, etc.). Show what you are better at than your competition – after all, you know it best.

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Maybe you are the only store in this price range to offer door-to-door returns, add freebies or have an exceptionally attractive loyalty program? Or maybe your products are not the cheapest, but they are definitely worth the price? Tell us about the process of creating these products, materials, people who create them. STORYTELLING ! (Here you can read how to create it.  Storytelling: golden rules for creating a brand story ) B B Depending on what your Turkey Phone Number List business is bas on, you can adapt Lead Nurturing to a stage in the sales funnel or create separate cycles for different products and services.

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The most important thing is to match the content to the user, send it often enough so that he does not forget about you, but also not to bombard him with information every day.  Include in the message, e.g. what is not on the website, which will arouse curiosity, what questions are most often ask at the beginning of the shopping path of your potential customers? Remember Bulk Lead that the person who will actively open and read messages must be prepar to buy.